We offer a tailored one on one session with our experienced Sustainability Consultant to benchmark where you are at, get you certified with Sustainable Eats&Treats Certifications, guide you on what is possible, and give you the contacts to do it. And its FREE! 

Using our specialised audits for either Outlets or Providers, we work together with you to assess all aspects of your business; from food sourcing and packaging to electricity, water, and community outreach. 

Our sustainability consultant, Gayle Murphy, will guide you through the Audit to understand your businesses current environmental stance. Guidance will be given to help you utilise what you are already doing for marketing and visibility purposes, give you the contacts for suppliers you might need and gently guide you towards your next best steps.

The Audit is sent to you post-session for you to further assess where you currently are and for your per usual to reference your progress. This is followed by a yearly visit to monitor any progress, re audit, and help boost you to the next level of certification if possible!

The Sustainable Eats & Treats Certifications are awarded on the basis of number of simple yet key criteria points that will be assessed on the same day as the audit.
Certified Outlets are awarded either Bronze, Silver or Gold accordingly.
Providers are awarded the Certified Providers certification.

Our audits are done in full integrity and authenticity to ensure legitimacy of the certification.


The criteria for CERTIFIED OUTLETS is as follows: 


  1. Offer ‘bring your own container’ incentives
  2. Implement a minimum of 3 waste reduction initiatives 
  3. Ashtrays are provided in outdoor seating areas


In addition to the BRONZE policies:

  1. Waste separation and recycling in-house
  2. No single use plastic or jablo disposables
  3. Offer fair trade or organic coffee/teas


In addition to the BRONZE and SILVER policies:

  1. Use biodegradable cleaning products
  2. Offer water refills inhouse
  3. Promote and educate on environmentally conscious food choices

The criteria for CERTIFIED PROVIDERS is as follows:

  1. Waste separation and recycling onsite
  2. No single use plastic or jablo disposables 
  3. Must have at least one other sustainable initiative incorporated into your service

Benefits of Certification

  • A free audit and consultancy session with our sustainability consultant to benchmark, assess and guide you
  • A audit follow up report recommending key focus areas and strategies to move forward 
  • SE&T Certification based on the level of achievement endorsed by Global Green Events Ltd, acknowledgement by the Malta Tourism Authority and the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • SE&T Certificate to be displayed in establishment
  • Listing on the Sustainable Eats & Treats The Certified Network website directory
  • Promotion on SE&T social media
  • Educational material on sustainability in hospitality operations done in partnership with the University of Malta Faculty of Education.
  • An Sustainable suppliers list of local suppliers held by Global Green Events Ltd