The Grassy Hopper

Plant based, super food, nutritious and delicious!

The Grassy Hopper

This gastronomic eatery offers impressive hearty plant based meals with an artistic twist and fresh homemade flavours. The lively interior offers a fresh contrast and an excellent level of chill to the bustle of activity outside.

The plant based burgers are a work of art, the tapas mouth watering, and the homemade stocks, sauces and kimchis offer a superior range of tastes. The aim is to dish up energizing food with locally sourced ingredients, which cater for a range of different dietary requirements. Vegan, gluten free, and dairy free are all options at this conscious hole in the wall. There are also some options for the meat eaters and mixed groups of diners.

There is a great range of healthy plant based sweets ranging from granola bars to cakes, some yummy options for the raw foodies as well.

Minizimizing environmental impact is something the team take seriously, all single use plastic disposables have been eliminated and package reduction initiatives is in action throughout with the homemade approach to their menu.

Certifying criteria:

✅waste separation/recycling
✅No single use plastic/jablo disposables
✅ashtrays and recycling bins provided
✅water refills available
✅offers ‘bring your own container’ initiatives
✅Implements a minimum of 3 packaging reduction initiatives
✅Use biodegradable cleaning products
✅Offer fair trade or organic coffee/teas
✅Promote and educate on environmentally conscious food choices

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