Sanya Health Spa

Sanya is an invitation to an experience of life that is nourishing, authentic and always challenging us to new depths of living

Introducing our newly certified and second Gold outlet – Sanya

A healthy hub in the elevated region of Naxxar with a key focus on healing foods, yoga and meditation. This welcoming eco space promotes sustainable lifestyles, through conscious dietary choices, movement and reflection. The in-house menu is primary organic, offering seasonal and energetic juices and plates.

With excellent packaging reduction incentives and a conscious and passionate team coordinating the spaces, Sanya offers up a transformative experience.

“Our food concept goes beyond healthy wholesome food to deliver dishes of the highest quality that can be used for healing and rejuvenating the body. Dishes will also be tailored towards specific diseases and body types..”


Certifying criteria:
✅waste separation/recycling
✅No single use plastic/jablo disposables
✅ashtrays and recycling bins provided
✅water refills available
✅offers ‘bring your own container’ initiatives
✅Implements a minimum of 3 packaging reduction initiatives
✅Uses biodegradable cleaning products
✅Offer fair trade or organic coffee/teas
✅Promotes and educates on environmentally conscious food choices

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