A space dedicated to breakfast and brunch, inspired by travel and all things good.

Introducing our new bronze member – JAVA

The bright and dynamic interior reflects the colourful innovation and creativity of what’s on offer. Specializing in breakfast and brunch, their fresh juices, healthy range of savory dishes, and their iconic vibrant smoothie bowls make you feel energized and alive just looking at them.

JAVA is their lifestyle, they care about people and planet and do their utmost to reduce their footprint by minimizing environmental impact and food waste.

Certifying criteria:
✅Implements a minimum of 3 packaging reduction initiatives
✅No single use plastic or jablo disposables
✅ Ashtrays and waste separation are provided in outdoor seating areas
✅Offer free trade or organic tea and coffee
Promotes and educates on environmentally conscious food choices

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Pjazza Vittorja 1
In-Naxxar MT
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Mon to Fri: 0630 to 1500 Sunday: 0630 to 1400