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Introducing Sustainable Food providers – Biome Munch

Biome Munch celebrates the opportunity we have to live in harmony with our natural environment. Their pesticide free farm in Burmarrad adopts biodynamic practices which maximize the nutrients we can obtain from our produce, whilst also preserving the health of our soil. They offer homegrown produce to both commercial and individual consumers, with a key focus on local ingredients. Their platform promotes the benefits of a healthy Mediterranean diet, and encourages consumers through education to embrace a joyful shift towards a sustainable and conscious lifestyle.

The Biome Munch website offers a ‘Munching Members’ community, its mission is to bring people together to discuss holistic nutrition and healthy lifestyles through workshops and webinars with relevant experts. They are also exploring ways to incorporate closed loop systems into their farm so they can take their sustainable business ethos that little bit further.

Cassandra’s passions are rooted in dance, her journey in high performance dancing lead to a desire to understand at a deeper level nutrition, and how food can power us but keep us healthy at the same time. Cane has always been a bit of an inventor, and his homemade customized bike blender embodies the type of sustainable innovation that we need to embrace to coming up with alternative ways to power our habits. He is also the founder of local NGO Get Trashed Malta, which has now joined forces with Malta Clean Up, to lead the collaborative NGO Let’s Do It Malta. Cane also offers an array of interesting workshops such as harvesting local sea salt and creating your own soap from soap nuts.

They are driven, committed, innovative, and truly thoughtful with their product. Their passion for sustainability radiates in what they do, so it is an absolute pleasure to have them on board as a sustainable food provider.

Certifying criteria:

✅waste separation and recycling onsite

✅No single use plastic or jablo disposables

✅Free from harmful pesticides

✅Promotes and educates on environmentally conscious food choices

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