Biome Munch | Provider

Making a Mediteranean diet holistic, nutritious and simple.

Since their last certification with Sustainable Eats&Treats, Cane and Cass have been hard at work.

They have really thought out the processes on their land, implementing subtle yet impactful changes that promote a healthy and symbiotic ecosystem that thrives! Yet, besides producing organically grown veggies, their main passion is to educate the public on how to eat a holistic, nutritious and simple Mediterranean diet. Some of their social initiatives include the Facebook group ‘Food Swap Malta’ for people to pass on any produce they might not consume in order to reduce any wastage. They also share their journey on their Facebook page ‘Eating Fully Local – Malta’, where people can also find local farmers selling their produce.

We continue to support Biome Munch as a CERTIFIED PROVIDER who have satisfied the following criteria:

✅ Waste separation and recycling in-house
✅ No single use plastic or jablo disposables
Must have at least one other sustainable initiative incorporated into your service

Learn more about their story on our blog, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram!