Foam and Fork Marsaskala

An ambitious bistro bar serving soulful and creative plant based goods

Introducing our GOLD members – Foam and Fork

Foam and Fork Marsascala has its ambitious creative roots firmly planted in nutritious and conscious food terrain. The key here is homemade tasty goods with a special focus on plant based food, divine tapas, speciality coffee, and plant based desserts. The vibe is dynamic and the crew are clearly passionate about the ethos of what they are trying to achieve, which is sustainable service and a playful engagement of healthy food choices.

The food on offer is predominantly plant based with some excellent alternatives to meat, their aim is not to exclude so they also offer some meat options for the mixed groups of diners. There is a clear aim to source as much local produce as possible, reduce environmental impact, and showcase ethical brands such as organic teas, fair trade coffee and bio-dynamic wines.

With their recent participating in the educational TriFocal project, and their outreach with a local schools on reducing food waste, they are active in their mission to promote sustainable lifestyles.

From early locally sourced brekky and freshly roasted coffee, lunch and evening dinner treats to crafty beers and homemade sodas. They cater for weddings, outside events, corporate office lunches and also offers a vast take away service on most of the platforms available in Malta.

Certifying criteria:
waste separation/recycling inhouse
✅No single use plastic/jablo disposables
ashtrays and recycling bins provided
water refills available
✅Implements a minimum of 3 packaging reduction initiatives
✅Offers bring your own container incentives
✅Offer fair trade or organic coffee/teas
✅Biodegradable cleaning products inhouse
✅Promotes and educates on environmentally conscious food choices

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