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Sustainable Eats & Treats showcases a growing community of conscious businesses and responsible outlets here in Malta. We invite local hospitality establishments and consumers to participate in this exciting and growing network of change, where we can work towards the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) of responsible production and consumption together.

Irresponsible hospitality leads to environmental degradation and social atrophy, and the sector generates a lot of harmful waste. It can take advantage of cheap, nutrient weak food sourcing, and can promote uneducated food choices to the masses. Sustainable businesses have the power to engage consumers and encourage behavioural change through offering a meaningful service. 

Our certified food and drink providers have committed to minimizing their environmental impact, and are working towards ways in which they can offer their most sustainable and educational service to the public. Both establishments and food and drink providers can feature in the directory.  

While Sustainable Eats & Treats was launched November 2018 during the Malta Social Impact Awards, the initiative started in early 2018, when the Valletta 2018 Foundation collaborated with Gayle Murphy from Global Green Events and Strategic Roots Consultancy, to launch a call for eateries and bars interested in offering a more sustainable service.

With plastic pollution and resource management being a key focus area for the Valletta 2018 Foundation and Global Green Events, this collaboration aimed to promote a positive change within the sector. The process involved onsite audits for ten responding outlets, during which each establishment’s current operation and service were assessed, along with their inhouse policies and approach to sourcing. Detailed reports were provided by Global Green Events, identifying areas for change and tangible positive impact. The Sustainable Eats & Treats directory was created to showcase the ongoing development of sustainable hospitality on our island. 

The certification is endorsed by the Ministry of Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change, and Malta Tourism Authority (MTA).

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