Marelli Cafe

Stylish and welcoming bruncheria, serving hearty meals with a smile.

Marelli Cafe packs a lot of style and love into their warm and welcoming cafe. The menu is diverse and is driven by a passion for homemade food with excellent options for plant based diners. We would travel for miles to nibble on their homemade treats and breads. 

Maria is the face behind the brand and it is clear sustainability is a priority in the development of what they have on offer. When growing up, she recalls that minimizing food waste was always something instinctive for her family. Bringing that ethos along with other environmental considerations was therefore a natural progression with developing their service. She also acknowledges the efforts of her team, sustainability is something which is thought about by everyone behind the scenes. It is clear from the efforts which go into their homemade treats that they are driven by quality food and work from the heart. The food is hearty, but elegant.

While the average consumer in Malta is starting to tune more into businesses efforts when it comes to responsible service, Maria notes there are still some clients who resist their efforts to be more conscious, especially if it costs that little bit more. Alternatives to single use plastic packaging and disposables, and switching to glass bottles instead of plastic, normally comes at a slight increase in cost to both outlet and consumer. Navigating through this communication is important, and thankfully Marelli has had some really positive feedback from some customers. Knowing that there are customers who appreciate that they are working on offering the most responsible service they can, is what drives their efforts. 

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