Coffee Circus Riviera

Seaside kiosk serving delicious speciality coffee and more!

Enjoy a delicious speciality coffee with a breath-taking view at Coffee Circus Kiosk Riviera, situated just above the beautiful Għajn Tuffieħa bay. Get your caffeine boost before or after a hike around the clay cliffs or a bike ride around the area, or enjoy a refreshing iced coffee after a swim or a surf down at the bay.

Coffee Circus Riviera is a Coffee Circus and Seven Beans community member, serving  freshly roasted specialty coffee beans that is fair to the farmer. Gilbert and Alana have been a part of the Coffee Circus community for over 7 seven years so it’s safe to say they are coffee experts and love what they do. This is affirmed by the incredible taste of all the beverages served which range from espressos to mochas and cappuccinos. Things go up a level with their special coffees and iced coffees such as caramel oat lattes, coconut cappuccino and iced almond vanilla lattes, to name a few.

If coffee isn’t your thing, there are other options such as chai or hot chocolate, as well as iced hazelnut chocolate and iced chai. Although beverages is the main focus, the kiosk offers a delicious vegan version of the traditional Maltase ftira, various energy balls, raw vegan cakes and muffins. Oat, soy, almond and coconut milk is available.

Follow them on Facebook to find out more. You can also find Gilbert and Alana serving coffee from the coffee circus van.