The Veg Box

A hub for all things local & sustainable.

Started 8 years ago by Manuela as a small provider of home grown organic vegetables, the Veg Box has blossomed into a hub for all things local, sustainable, home made, home grown and organic. 

The  team, through The Farmoury space, aims at creating more value for our Maltese products, our farmers and our environment. Located in Manikata (just at the entrance to the Majjistral Nature Park), this farmoury not only provides fruits and vegetables but also; pre loved clothes and furniture, jams and preserves, yogurts, gbejniet, tasty vegan treats, superfood blends, handmade jewellery and soaps, all made by local small businesses. 

The root of The Veg Box’s core values are in the land, the produce and the farmers. The main aim is to provide healthy local produce to the local consumers by bridging the gap that has grown over the last 40 years between farmers of the land and consumers of the food.

‘’We believe that better quality food blossoms from a community that not only takes the time to learn where their food comes from but also gets to know and form relationships with the farmers who work tirelessly to grow it. This mutual understanding creates an agricultural community of mutual respect allowing farmers to feel more valued and appreciated. 

The positive snowball effect of this means the farmers passion and motivation is further fueled which is significantly reflected in the quality of our food. It’s simple – Education + Appreciation = Dedication.’’

‘’We believe that produce grown in a simpler, less industrialized way, creates food for healthier family meals. This is the basis of all well-being and therefore, through our choices we can begin to see the change that is needed for a sustainable agricultural system and future generation’s health.’’

Choosing to support local and conscious businesses that put people and the planet before profit as well as understanding the process and product could make all the difference to a healthier society and planet.

A list of the weekly harvest on their social media and you can pre order your veg box via email at by 6.00pm Monday for pick-ups on the following days: Tuesday (10.30am – 6.30pm) Wednesday (10.00am – 2.00pm). A delivery service is also available upon request.

You can keep up with the latest from The Veg Box on their Facebook and Instagram.