Green Mood

A revolutionary restaurant in Gozo, with a passion for super foods.

Situated in Gozo’s capital city just minutes away from the stunning Citadella, Green Mood is the perfect place for breakfast or lunch, while checking out beautiful Victoria. 

Smoothies and juices are always available, with a list of combination options written on a chalkboard but you are also free to choose from the fresh, local, fruit and veg on display to create your own. 

The menu has a range of nutritious and colourful salads and hearty soups, all freshly prepared upon ordering. In fact everything on the menu, including the nut milks, teas and bread are all made from scratch by the owner himself, Nico. All his ingredients are raw and unprocessed as Nico believes in using only pure and simple ingredients.

If you’re craving something sweet, Green Mood does not fail to satisfy. Raw vegan cakes are available, like the divine orange chocolate cake and the delicious snickers cake, as well yummy energy balls. 

Green Mood was born out of Nico’s passion for health and super foods, he is an advocate for healing through food and does his best to provide educational information to his customers through his food, signs in the restaurant and word of mouth. ‘’We ONLY serve healthy and super food. We believe that only with the right ingredients in our diets we can live a life enjoying wellness and longevity.’’

When it comes to sustainability Green Mood is doing a fantastic job. Repurposed pallets and wood have been used to create furniture, sings and shelving. All of the menu is written on a chalkboard behind the counter. Ingredients are bought in bulk to reduce packaging and all disposables are made from recyclable or compostable material. Nico even grows his own herbs in the back garden of the establishment, which he uses in the food served. 

You can learn more about Green Mood here.