Foam and Fork Gzira

Centrally located eatery, taking vegan options to the next level.

The key here is tasty homemade goods with a particular focus on plant-based food. With its creative kitchen, Foam and Fork offer a truly dynamic dining experience; the menu can be adapted to suit vegans and meat-eaters alike, as for every meal, there is a plant-based or meat option. From beetroot falafel to pizza, burgers to curries, there’s something for everyone at this impressive eatery, even vegan Steak! Specials are announced weekly, such as vegan spicy chicken wings and vegan surf and turf burgers! 

Delicious plant-based desserts are available, including raw and gluten-free options, such as vegan tiramisu or carrot cake. The beverage section does not disappoint; fresh smoothies, organic teas and homemade sodas, and iced teas are all available. 

There is a clear aim to source as much local produce as possible and reduce environmental impact. The team makes weekly trips to the farmers market to source all their vegetables, believing that local and seasonal produce is best. They have already switched to bio straws and compostable take away containers and even offer a 10% discount if bringing your own container. Waste separation is already in place, and water refills are an option. Specials and drink menus are written on boards, showcasing ethical brands such as organic teas, fair-trade coffee and biodynamic wines. This establishment is truly leading the way in sustainability. 

‘’For us, sustainability means universal health. Environmental and ecological wellness without us interrupting the natural ways of planet Earth. Living in a green, clean and relaxing world. Breathing in the freshest air. Maintaining mental health in terms of reducing public anxiety and stress caused by all kinds of pollution. As a business, we are happy to be able to share our ideas and implement sustainable ways of living with society, our staff, our customers and our friends on social media, too.’’

They cater to weddings, outside events, corporate office lunches and offer takeaway service on most of the platforms available in Malta. Foam and Fork Gzira also provide a daily business lunch menu. 

The Foam & Fork team have started the ‘’One Tree at a Time’’ project; 

For every bill over 35EUR, they will plant a tree! As stated on their social media ‘’We will buy a baby tree, will plant it in your name, and will take care of it with our partners for at least 6 months, to make sure it survives harsh Maltese Summer.’’

The offer is applicable for deliveries too.