The Canteen

A spacious cafeteria, creating a community hub and serving healthy local food.

This bright and spacious canteen is located in Queen Mary University of London, Malta Campus, boasting 360 views of the surrounding area including the magnificent Cittadella and Xewkija Rotunda. It’s a perfect spot for breakfast, lunch or simply a coffee with a view!

Sticking to local, seasonal and fresh food the Canteen offers an array of meals such as traditional Maltese sandwiches, nutritious salads, fresh fruit and yogurts. The menu changes weekly and there is always a vegan and gluten free option available. Supporting the local community is very important to the team and all vegetables are sourced from Gozitan farmers. The chef does his best to reduce any food waste and orders most ingredients in bulk to reduce packaging. 

The building itself was built with sustainability and energy efficiency as a key element; 

‘’Energy efficiency was prioritised in the building and design of the Queen Mary, Malta Campus. With Malta’s specific climate in mind, efforts were made to limit energy consumption for added sustainability. Summers in Malta are hot and inadequately built structures quickly end up resembling furnaces. With this in mind, Queen Mary, Malta Campus, terraces feature ventilated cavities to safeguard and promote cooler indoor air in lower floors. Raised flooring on the terrace creates much needed shade that in turn prevents ceilings from heating up.’’

With community at its core, The Canteen is a hub for various activities, hosting cooking courses, yoga classes, movie nights and educational talks. This is a perfect space for events and gatherings. 

‘’Queen Mary, Malta Campus is proud to be part of our local community, with a commitment to the area around us being in the roots of our institution. There are many events, workshops and activities that take place on the Queen Mary, Malta Campus that are open to all. From getting hands-on with experiments, to finding out the most recent advances in science, humanities or medicine, our programmes have something for all ages and interests. Our activities are underpinned by a commitment to social justice, which has been central to the university’s identity since its founding.’’

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