Emma’s Kitchen

Artisan meets vintage - a playful cafe offering up vibrant food for everyone.

emma’s kitchen sits stylishly with its industrial style facade on a catchy corner in San Gwann. Not only does this popular eatery offer up a fresh and interesting menu, it’s artisan style interior also offers a space for creative reflection, encouraging you to slow down.

Aesthetically this cafe is gorgeous with its industrial style furniture, its handwritten boards, and it’s collection of art and greenery. It has a playful atmosphere, and the food is just as colourful and alluring as its decor. The inviting pile of books on the shelving serves as a nostalgic reminder that it is now rare to tuck into a good paperback, and immerse yourself over a few brews in a cafe – which would of course do wonders for the soul.

emma’s kitchen was birthed from owner Emma Warrington’s desire to commit to a line of work that allowed her to share her love of food. The menu is diverse in terms of flavours and different types of cuisine, and serves up an excellent range of options whether you are plant based, enjoy meat, or are gluten or lactose free. Emma reaffirms that she enjoys the diversity in the menu, as it allows her and her team to experiment with different dishes depending on what is inspiring them at the time.

When we asked Emma why sustainability was important to her, she advised;

“It’s important to me on a personal level because we have a beautiful planet, and I hate to see what we’ve done/are doing to it. I’ve introduced certain sustainable measures into my private life, which I’m now trying to replicate in my business too! As it should be. I think it’s a responsibility we should share as a community.” 

In terms of reducing environmental impact, they have already switched to paper straws, and are experimenting with alternatives to single use plastic for takeaway packaging. The array of yummy homemade chutneys, soups and sauces are sold in reusable jars and bottles, and their condiments are sourced in bulk and served in reusables as well. With an environmentally conscious team onboard Emma advises environmental impact is a key consideration in operation, and environmental considerations are taken into account when sourcing produce and other related products for the business. An effort is made to source local and pesticide free produce where possible, homemade and healthy is clearly important here. 

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