Gozo Picnic

A unique picnic experience on the beautiful island of Gozo.

Picture this; A sunny day spent in a beautiful spot in Gozo’s countryside, by the sea or in an ancient olive grove – soft, colourful blankets and cushions laid out, a picnic basket filled with delicious nutritious food. You spend the afternoon enjoying yourself and at the end you head home knowing that everything will be collected, keeping the area clean and unspoilt. 

Sounds like a dream?

The inspiration for Gozo Picnic came to Ana whilst preparing healthy nutrient dense meals and snacks for her and her child to enjoy in nature. She thought how marvellous it would be if people could have the experience of having a ready made nutritious picnic and not have to worry about the preparation or clean up. With that thought, Gozo Picnic was born. 

Ana changes the menu slightly according to the season and new options are added for special occasions or when certain ingredients are in season. Ana caters for all, vegan and meat eaters alike, as well as those who require dairy and gluten free options.

From working in professional catering and sourcing the highest quality ingredients to being a mother and creating highly nutritious meals for her daughter, Ana is truly passionate and knowledgeable about food. 

Ana told us how as a child she would go with her family to various local suppliers to buy home grown produce and this is something she still does now – sourcing local meat, eggs and vegetables from different Gozitan farmers. 

‘’We have been abusing availability, nothing good will ever come from abuse. I believe the way forward is to use your creativity to find a second use, to find a way to make more from what you got. I rely less on mass production.’’

When it comes to sustainability Ana completely blew us away! She goes above and beyond to make the most out of her ingredients, waste and even energy usage. Here are a few incentives Ana takes in order to be more sustainable; 

  • Vegetable scapes are used to make veggie stock or are given to Dream of Horses Gozo.
  • When cooking chicken or fish Ana only buys the whole chicken to ensure that all of the parts are used and nothing is wasted, making broth and stock and freezing for later use. 
  • When using the oven she makes sure there are multiple things she can cook at the same time so as not to waste energy for just one dish. 
  • All cutlery and tableware used in her picnics are reusable, water is given in glass bottles and you won’t find any plastic in both her kitchen and her picnics.

Ana shares recipes & educational information about nutrition on her Facebook page and Instagram.

A side from picnics, Ana also offers catering services, business lunches and private chef services.