Jacob’s Brew – Pay it forward

Let's pay it forward together!

Born out of difficult yet victorious times, Jacob’s Brew Cafe offers a service of positivity and light into the challenging situations life can present us. With the rest of his family, Jacob created space for one to come and share their hardships, to be acknowledged, understood, supported, and uplifted! The cafe is not just a wholesome and encouraging place to eat, but a place to find connection with a broader community.

With a desire to make others feel good, Jacob’s brew truly welcomes you in for a heartwarming conversation and the chance to create a smile – a free yet priceless gift we can give to ourselves and others! Coming out of his health difficulties as a triumphant warrior, Jacob wanted to support others going through their issues, large or small, to facilitate them in finding people who understand their experience. Through their Facebook page Survivors Malta, the family encourages those who’ve lived through trauma to share their story. Every survival story is a gift of comfort and support they ought to spread. 

Jacobs Brew is an excellent example of how sustainability is not just focused on healing the planet, but also people. Their social work puts focus on generating profits for other charities doing great work. The cafe’s concept and the ‘Pay it forward’ initiative is that all profits raised help the Cachia family give back to other charities.

Their biggest upcoming project is the Jacobs Brew Coffee Run van. With this van, Jacob will travel around Malta, serving coffee, spreading positivity, and continuing to raise funds in new ways. Another project for people, by the people.

The cafe is a hub for other budding and established social initiatives too. One of the numerous charities they open their doors to is the Autism Association, offering the space to host free parties. You’ll also find products by the Craft and Coffee for Charity, where crochet and wool items are made for those in need. In collaboration with Foodbank Foundation, Jacobs Brew also serves as a drop off point for donated food to be passed on.

A social enterprise with humble and authentic roots seeking to uplift, we are proud to have Jacobs Brews as CERTIFIED BRONZE outlet.

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