Biome Munch | Provider

Making a Mediteranean diet holistic, nutritious and simple.

Since their last certification with Sustainable Eats&Treats, Cane and Cass have been hard at work continuing to supply organically grown vegetables and educating the public on eating a local mediterranean diet. The central philosophy at Biome Munch is that by living and sustaining ourselves from resources close to home, not only do we support our local Mediterranean biome and ecosystem, but we thrive along with it!

Organising talks and educating the public is their central passion. Some of their initiatives include the Facebook group ‘Food Swap Malta’ for people to pass on any produce they might not consume in order to reduce any wastage. They also share their journey on their Facebook page ‘Eating Fully Local – Malta’, where people can also find local farmers selling their produce.

Apart from their social outreach, Cass and Cane produce fresh veggies, organically grown with no artificial pesticides or fertilisers. Using a biodynamic model, they have really thought out all the inputs into their fields, limiting their external outputs wherever possible, and utilising the space and resources available to them. Water is sourced from a local well shared by the farmers in the area. Cane has even created his own innovative fertigation, using manure and snails to enrich their irrigation nutrient-filled water into their irrigation system. 

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