A space dedicated to breakfast and brunch, inspired by travel and all things good.

Java bursts with colour and creativity. The bright and dynamic interior reflects the colourful innovation and creativity of what’s on offer here. Their fresh juices, healthy range of breakfasts and lunches, and their iconic vibrant smoothie bowls make you feel energized and alive just looking at them. Have you seen their Ocean Smoothie Bowl? You will want to swim in it.

Clive, the passionate owner behind this set up, is implementing sustainability initiatives into their service where possible, and promoting more responsible lifestyles by encouraging customers to use more reusables. Having spent much of his time growing up outdoors and being an avid lover of the sea, focusing on sustainability is something that was instinctive.

Switching to paper straws, wooden cutlery and coffee stirrers, and bagasse packaging for takeaways was an effort deemed essential to combat the pressing environmental issue of plastic pollution. He advised while this switch is often one that is more expensive, it’s a commitment to working towards more responsible service.

JAVA also make a conscious effort to source local produce and offer both vegetarian and vegan options for plant-based diners. Their menu aims to energize and restore, promoting healthy food and drink choices, and their Lot Sixty One Coffee caters for the coffee lovers as well.

Clive has been in the restaurant industry for many years, and he aims to keep evolving and focus on incorporating sustainability into the ethos of what they do. Pulling customers from all over the island, it is clear they are absolutely on the right creative path.

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