Alchemy Bar Consultation – Provisional Gold

A place for the community to share and discuss their experiences over delicious and sustainable cocktails

From the second our curious eyes swept behind the immaculate Alchemy bar, we understood that we were absorbing a very different behind the scenes experience. Alchemy, stylishly situated in regenerated lower Strait Street, is one of the many new and smart cocktail bars in the capital. They are however distinguishing themselves not only with the quality of their service, but also as sustainable bar pioneers by operating an extremely efficient way forward in reducing their bar waste.

When we were invited out for a sustainability consultation, we had the pleasure of meeting both Denis the Director, and Attila the Bar Director. Attila took us through the sustainable measures they had already implemented which included serving only fresh fruit juices made from natural produce, and then utilizing the produce peels for their spectacular homemade bitters. Even the coconut flesh was smoked in house for indulgent and delicate bar snacks which accompany the exquisite cocktails.

This closed loop production approach not only results in a near zero waste culture with the produce, it also offers the customer the opportunity to experience homemade goods that pack an amazing punch in terms of flavour. They even make their own homemade mayo, this comes from the egg yolks left over from the cocktails which command their whites! Fabulous creative stuff which is not often found in the regular bar here in Malta.

In an industry where often juices are mass produced and the labels leave much to investigate, this wholesome concept was delicious news to our ears.  When we questioned Attila about their consumption of plastic bottles, we were advised that upon guests taking their seat and ordering a cocktail, they were instantly offered a glass of water. Free flowing water was made available to customers throughout their time in the bar. The homemade systems they have in place, along with the complimentary water therefore does an excellent job at minimizing their use of plastic.

We left with the understanding that Alchemy was an appropriate name for these guys, as they truly have incorporated creativity and clever resourcefulness in their management of their products. They take one thing and transform it into another. With a strong adoption of energy efficient appliances and lighting they score well in terms of energy conservation as well.

We are delighted to have Alchemy on board, they are currently a provisional Silver establishment! Keep an eye out for further certification updates.